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The following article on 4 ways to grow restaurant sales is a guest post by Matt Thompson and our friends at ShiftNote.

It’s tough to maintain all of the duties of a restaurant owner while trying to consistently grow restaurant sales.

It takes brainstorming and creativity to come up with restaurant marketing ideas that will get more people in the door. As a restaurant owner, you barely have time for your current tasks, let alone trying to be on your creative toes all the time! Not to worry, these are four ways you can grow restaurant sales that are easy to implement:

Showcase Your Uniqueness

What sets you apart from every other restaurant?

Customers need to know this when deciding where to eat. Whether it’s your awesome service staff, the ambience of your restaurant, new menu items, or something special about your restaurant history, broadcast it! As a result, customers will choose your restaurant over others because of something fun and unique that no one else can offer.

Build Relationships With Customers

On top of showcasing your uniqueness, you need customers interested in your restaurant to know you really care about them. Here are two quick ways any restaurant can build better relationships with their customers.

1) Create and implement a loyalty program for frequent guests to benefit from their loyalty. This shows your most valuable customers you care about them and is a great way to grow restaurant sales.

2) Broadcast what happens behind the scenes. This can be done via social media. Share pictures and content of new menu items, meal prep, or your staff being goofy. This draws customers to your brand and highlights your uniqueness.

Leverage Online Ordering To Grow Restaurant Sales

People have less and less time to sit down for a full-service experience. Likewise, having staff spend time taking orders via the telephone pulls them away from other restaurant activities. Instead, implementing online ordering at your restaurant is a great way to grow sales.

Streamline Your Back End

It’s hard for restaurant owners and managers to spend time coming up with ideas to grow restaurant sales. There are simply too many other tasks that eat up the week. But, there is a way to free up time to focus on sales and save money. Streamline your back end processes by implementing restaurant scheduling and management software. This will help you eliminate time spent on mundane tasks.

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