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Your marketing strategy should be able to adapt to new ideas and changes while also being able to consistently communicate your brand. It doesn’t take a marketing overhaul to see results, and the smallest adjustments can bring big change by attracting new customers and creating loyal ones. Here are 7 little changes that can make a difference when marketing your restaurant…

Know Your Customers

Being knowledgeable about your customers will assist you in putting together content, discounts, and menu items that will not only attract your current customers but will draw in new customers to your restaurant.

How can you go about better understanding what your customers want? Make sure you are paying attention to menu items that are doing well versus items that aren’t.

Customers with an emotional connection to a brand have a 306% higher lifetime value, stay with a brand for an average of 5.1 years vs. 3.4 years, and will recommend a brand at a much higher rate (71% vs. 45%).

Stay Engaged With Customers

Put aside time to stay engaged with your customers. You can do this in person, using email, via social media. Staying engaged will give you immediate insight into what excites your customers.

Cohesive Branding and Messaging

You will want to double and triple check that your restaurant is delivering the same branded experience across all marketing mediums: social media, email, website, and any print advertising. Customers that continue to support your brand over time will spend 67% more than new customers. Having even the smallest difference could affect the type of experience a customer might have.

Contact Forms

One of the most valuable and important actions you can take as a restaurant owner is begin collecting your customers information. This can easily be done through a contact form on your website. You can also collect this information through your online ordering platform (which will require you to manually input your customer’s information into some internal database). Having a customer’s email address will open the door to multiple forms of communication for you moving forward. Around 30% of customers who feel high levels of trust and loyalty are willing to hand over personal data and 41% are up for sharing their purchase data with trusted brands.

Teamwork is the Dreamwork

Try to work with businesses whose mission aligns with your own. By teaming up with local companies, you are opening the door to inviting that business’ customers to your establishment. Around 80% of consumers prefer locally-relevant advertising. Be vocal about what shops or retailers you support by encouraging them to shop at their store or by offering a discount with purchase.  

Respond to Reviews

If a customer is writing about your restaurant through online reviews, be sure they don’t go unnoticed. Out of all industries, consumers read restaurant reviews the most.. A customer’s review might positively or negatively impact your restaurant. Be responsive, honest, and aware of your customers’ experiences. You can decide whether to respond to every comment – positive or negative – or just the critical ones.

Invest in Technology

Tap into what your customers are demanding. If your restaurant does not provide online ordering, now is the time to take the plunge. Online orders are growing in popularity as 57% of customers order their food from a website. As the restaurant industry continues to evolve and adapt to customer patterns and demands, your restaurant marketing should do the same.


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