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Our third featured post in our “Deep Dish” series is with Maurizio Ferraiuolo. As a celebrity Chef, a guest judge on MasterChef Malaysia and Mohammed Al Fayed’s personal chef, Maurizio Ferraiuolo has a unique and extensive skill set spanning all aspects of the hospitality industry.

Born in Johannesburg to Italian parents and with a lifelong passion for cooking that began at the tender age of 6, Maurizio is a graduate of the renowned Hotelier College Alfredo Beltrame of Venice Treviso. With a wealth of experience running kitchens across the world, both in the UK and across the Middle East and Asia, Maurizio wanted to combine his diverse skill set and his extensive industry contacts. Aston Hospitality Experts was created as a one stop shop style consultancy, focusing on everything from menus to branding, cost reduction and operational analysis. With a wealth of experience, extensive industry knowledge and a passion for excellence, Aston Hospitality Experts are like no other. Together with this team, they are experts in hospitality. (Bio: Aston Hospitality Experts)

1. When it comes to food trends, what has been the most bizarre and the most exciting item that has hit the industry in recent years?

By a clear mile, ‘heme’, also known as ‘Plant Meat’. Developed and patented by ‘Impossible Foods’, this vegan mix tastes, smells and cooks like ‘MEAT’! It has just landed in the UK and Halo Burgers have it.

2. As a chef, what do you do to keep your skills fresh?

I eat out weekly, read a lot, travel, do extensive research and do a lot of recipe development and testing worldwide. I am also fascinated by the world of biomedical intervention and how food plays a big part in it. As a company we have developed many free from recipes and ways that can be adopted by the general population that really heal the body in a remarkably simple way.

3. Who is your biggest inspiration as to how you got into the field of food?

Apart from my Grandmother, Heston Bloomenthal’s approach to recipes and food development is astounding.

4. What’s your number one piece of advice to all restaurant owners?

Don’t be stuck in your ways. This is a fluid industry, it’s constantly changing so ride the wave and keep afloat!

5. For fun – what is your absolute favorite meal?

Malaysian Kampung Style Nasi Goreng with Salted Fish


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