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Compelling Results For Restaurants Looking For More Local Customers

NetWaiter’s Broadcast Hub has demonstrated a significant benefit to restaurants looking to attract more local customers.

Local customers can view restaurant info, find locations that deliver, order online, and get updates from their favorite restaurants. Using NetWaiter, restaurants can communicate better with these customers. The platform and its tools allow restaurants to inform them about the latest and greatest things happening at their restaurant.

The Study and Findings: Over a six month period, NetWaiter analyzed restaurants within its network that use its integrated Broadcast Hub: a one-of-a-kind marketing tool for restaurants. The clear benefits stood out for restaurants that post regular updates using the tool.

“When we first saw the numbers we almost didn’t believe them,” said Jared Shimoff, Co-Founder of NetWaiter.  “We controlled for a variety of variables and only measured results on days when a restaurant was open.  The results still stunned us, and any time you can deliver measurable results, it’s exciting.  We’re thrilled to see the clear value it provides restaurants using our network.”

The Results

On average, visits to a restaurant’s site increased 23.3% on days when a restaurant made a post using their Broadcast Hub, compared to days when they did not make a post.

For restaurants that offer online ordering, the number of orders and the volume of sales increased significantly. The number of online orders at a restaurant increased 76.4% on days when at least one post was made. Additionally, online sales were 84.1% higher during days restaurants made at least one post using NetWaiter’s Broadcast Hub.

NetWaiter’s Broadcast Hub is available for free to all restaurants on the NetWaiter Network. The network currently includes more than 300,000 restaurants across the United States. The Broadcast Hub makes communicating with local customers quick and easy, allowing restaurants to simultaneously post one message to multiple platforms – Facebook, Twitter, their individual NetWaiter site, and the entire NetWaiter Network.  Common posts often include information about daily specials (i.e. Soup of the Day), promotions, upcoming events, and new menu items.

Restaurants that have activated their site and app on NetWaiter’s platform can access their Broadcast Hub directly from their Management Console.

About NetWaiter

NetWaiter is a restaurant marketing platform and network, connecting restaurants with more local customers. The NetWaiter Network allows visitors to view local restaurant info, find locations that deliver, order online, and get updates from their favorite places.  For more information about NetWaiter, visit

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