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Twitter is a popular tool for restaurant owners to use to connect with customers.

Because social media is the modern ‘word-of-mouth’, it’s important for restaurants to be present on social media. Twitter is the third largest social platform – and a great way to connect with customers and drive revenue. Let’s look at how to get your restaurant started on Twitter. 

Let’s Begin

To get started, you have to create a profile for your restaurant.

To do this, you’ll need to decide the Username you want. This Username should reflect your restaurant and brand, so keep it easy and simple for customers to remember. If your restaurant is Oodles of Noodles, choose a Username name like @OodlesofNoodles, or @OodlesNoodles.

Next, you’ll want to make sure the page reflects your restaurant’s brand by uploading an appropriate profile and background picture using your logo and restaurant colors. You can find the correct image dimensions here. You also will want to complete your bio so when customers find your profile, they know who you are, what you offer, and where you’re located.

Time to Promote

Once your account is set up, take the time to decide what kind of content you’d like to post.

The wonderful thing about Twitter and social media marketing is that your opportunities are endless when it comes to ideas. Use Twitter to announce a special discount or deal to your customers. Customers can show up to your store or use a Twitter-specific coupon code online when they order food. If you released a new menu item, ask your customers to share their feedback on Twitter.

If you make a post about a week-long deal, try to get customers to retweet the post for the opportunity to enter in a free giveaway. Just remember to have fun!

Use Call-To-Actions

When posting to Twitter, try to include as much call-to-action as possible. If you are promoting a new menu item or deal, ask them to order online and put a link to your online ordering site. Also, think about when you’re posting. Are customers more engaged at lunch? On the weekends? In the morning? Be mindful of these insights because they could make your content more visible.


Hashtags are a critical ingredient for promoting your restaurant on Twitter.

Hashtags drive awareness by making your restaurant searchable. When trying out new hashtags, make a note of which ones proved to be popular, and which ones which failed to generate a response. You can create a hashtag unique to your business and include them on printed materials in your restaurant so customers know to use it when posting about your restaurant. Hashtags are also useful to include for events, new menu items, or local partnerships. #letsgetstarted #becreative

Be Authentic

Like any form of marketing, try to have as much fun with it as possible.

Avoid only trying to promote deals, specials, and restaurant-specific content. If you open up to customers, you are more likely to see a higher level of engagement, which will lead to greater revenue. Treat your customers like family and friends, and invite them into your restaurant’s with open arms.

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