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NetWaiter has added an exciting new feature to its system. The NetWaiter Broadcast Hub is now configured to share pictures and images, across each social media platform and the NetWaiter Network.

NetWaiter Broadcast Hub

The NetWaiter Broadcast Hub allows restaurant owners to better communicate with local customers by posting messages to their NetWaiter site, Facebook, Twitter, and across the NetWaiter Network. With this recent enhancement, you can include pictures with posts. According to Kissmetrics, photos get 53% more likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more click on links compared to text-based posts. Therefore, this is a powerful asset that supports a restaurant’s efforts to drive more traffic to their business.

Marketing Value

If a picture is worth 1,000 words – it’s also worth some money.

Restaurant owners can include pictures of favorite items, events, and specials to captivate the attention of customers and draw them to place an order at their restaurant. Owners can now get more creative with how they market to customers using their NetWaiter Broadcast Hub.

Powerful Results

The results speak for themselves. On days when at least one post is made, a restaurant averages a 23.3% increase in total traffic. Additionally, restaurants average a 37.7% increase in new customers on days they post.

Additionally, the NetWaiter Broadcast Hub sends Push Notifications to customers using the restaurant’s unique progressive web app when you post updates. The custom app, provided by NetWaiter, shows your messages on customers’ phones and computers in real-time.

Using NetWaiter’s Broadcast Hub is easy. You can configure your Broadcast Hub and post your first message within seconds. For instance, if you wanted to get the attention of some customers right before lunch, you could post a message. You could blast out a message about today’s special, with an amazing picture, and drive extra traffic to your restaurant.

Activate Your NetWaiter Site

If you want to attract more local customers and keep them informed about your restaurant, check out NetWaiter’s restaurant platform and network. You can search for, and activate, your NetWaiter site and app here:

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