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We are excited to begin sharing more thoughts and opinions from industry experts to support your restaurant’s business and growth. One area our team and product really try to focus on is how you can stand out from the crowd.

So we asked some marketing gurus in the restaurant industry one question as to how they help their clients bring in more customers:

“What does it take for a restaurant to differentiate

itself from its competitors?”

“Restaurants spend too much time fighting over convenience, quality-to-value ratios, and pricing strategies. Although important, they’re not enough to differentiate your restaurant brand. Instead, restaurant brands must identify a purpose beyond making food and money, and pinpoint an audience with distinctive values and behaviors. Create unique moments that bind the two together through food, social, and personal interactions. That’s how you set yourself above the rest.” Joseph Szala, principal of Vigor, and the founder of Grits X Grids.

“To differentiate in 2019, it’s all about the fluidity between your offline and online customer experience. The expectation for good food, service, and atmosphere is already so high that it’s a requirement rather than an edge. What is an edge is how well you engage customers the other 22.5 hours of the day that they are not in your restaurant. This means having a strong social media and newsletter that keep them engaged in your story and inspired to come back for new things you release alongside, personalized promotions you send them based off behaviours such as promoting you and visiting you frequently.” – Paul Davidescu, CEO, Tangoo

“We believe creating an amazing experience and having an amazing product are the main fundamentals for a restaurant. If you can have a base of these two, people will tell their friends and family and this is how real growth is established.” Matt Goodfield, Co-founder and CEO, Side Dish Media

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