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3 Ways to Keep Entertained While Solo Dining

This guest post about dining solo is from Steve Conway, a passionate traveler who explores the globe in pursuit of adventure, sun-soaked beaches, and amazing food.


For many people, solo dining is something that is not regarded as a pleasure. Less confident people may endure the experience rather than enjoy it. It is little surprise that many people feel self-conscious when solo dining, often eating at a faster pace than usual so they finish their meal as quickly as possible.

However, it is possible to enjoy a solo dining experience rather than seeing such an occasion as a dread-filled obstacle. One of the key strategies is to keep yourself entertained during the dining experience. In this article, I discuss three aspects of solo dining that will help you maximize the enjoyment of a solo dining experience at a public restaurant.

1.    People Watching

For many people, even the most introverted adults, it is interesting and entertaining to indulge in people watching. As the name suggests, this pastime is where you subtly watch other people and note their behavior, facial expressions, and the way they dress.

In a restaurant environment, this can be a fascinating pastime and may allow you to build a picture of who the person is (even if it’s the chef). What makes them tick? What do they do for fun? Or, what type of personality do they have? You can almost create a picture of their lives as you look at other diners and how they interact with their fellow guests or partners. Are they serious or fun-loving? Do they follow the latest fashion trends or simply dress for comfort? In short, people watching can be a fascinating pursuit to pass the time when solo dining. Just remember to do this subtly and not to stare for extended periods!

2.    Wi-Fi and Online Game

If you know there will be a significant gap between courses and you are looking to inject some thrills and excitement into your dining experience, you may consider playing a virtual game at a live casino online. Choose a reputable site that has a secure and encrypted environment along with a range of games that you can enjoy playing. Games such as slot machines can be perfect when solo dining as they are quick to play. And, you can quit them at a moment’s notice (e.g. when your next course arrives). Most professionally run casinos can be accessed and enjoyed on your smartphone and many restaurants will provide free Wi-Fi as you dine. However, it is important to use a VPN when using public Wi-Fi services to game online. This will ensure your personal information remains secure and won’t be intercepted by other users on a public Wi-Fi connection.

3.    Dining in a Foreign Country

Finally, there is some specific advice for foodie travelers who are solo dining in a foreign country.

A key way to improve your enjoyment of the experience is to learn a few key phrases in their language. Download a language app before you travel and focus on the sections that relate to restaurants and eating out. Being able to say a few words in a foreign tongue will impress the staff. It can also help you when deciding what to eat from the menu, especially if it is not translated into your native language.


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