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REDLANDS, CA – NetWaiter recently launched the NetWaiter Network, the newest and most innovative customer-focused site available to restaurant guests.

NetWaiter Network and Platform

NetWaiter is a restaurant marketing platform and network, connecting restaurants to more local customers. The NetWaiter Network is a new customer-centric site allowing visitors to view local restaurant info, find locations that deliver, and get updates from their favorite places.

Listings on the network are reserved for only the best local restaurants. “We want our network to be a place people can count on to receive valuable information from the best restaurants in their area,” said Jared Shimoff, Co-Founder of NetWaiter. “We’ve selectively chosen to only list good restaurants, as indicated by consumers from various sites across the internet.”

The site is based on the principal that restaurant guests generally have a group of favorite restaurants in their area. Guests usually patronize these local restaurants more than others, especially for takeout and delivery. With NetWaiter, visitors can select which restaurants they like and receive updates and deals from those places. Restaurant guests can use NetWaiter daily to get updates from their favorite places or search for something new.

If they’re looking for someplace new, visitors can search restaurants based on a variety of criteria. These parameters include whether a restaurant offers takeout/delivery, takes reservations, serves alcohol, and offers a happy hour, among others.

Activating Your Restaurant Site and App

Restaurants in the network can activate their site and mobile app, and control their information using NetWaiter’s Management Console. Within the Management Console, restaurants can use NetWaiter’s Broadcast Hub to post messages and communicate to customers. Restaurants not currently listed within the network can contact the company to be added.

A particularly valuable component of NetWaiter is its delivery system. Restaurants can customize their delivery area(s) by drawing their delivery zone(s) on a map. This tells visitors exactly which restaurants in their area will deliver to them.

Approximately 25% of the restaurants currently listed on the NetWaiter Network offer delivery. The collective delivery area from all of these restaurants is about 66,000 square miles.

NetWaiter plans to expand the network to include services from partner companies that provide visitors and listed restaurants even more convenience and benefits.

Restaurants can activate their site and mobile app for free by searching for their restaurant listing and activate their site.

About NetWaiter

NetWaiter operates the NetWaiter Network, a restaurant marketing platform and network to attract more local customers. Visitors can view local restaurant info, find locations that deliver to them, and get updates from their favorite places. Restaurants listed on the NetWaiter Network can activate their site and app and use NetWaiter’s free marketing tools by visiting

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