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The most recent addition to the NetWaiter Network is the designation of restaurants that are considered Local Favorites, or restaurants known as a “Local Fave”.

Blue Ribbons

NetWaiter started rolling out this new status a few months ago. Restaurants shown with a blue Local Fave ribbon on the network the best in their area.

NetWaiter’s platform connects local customers with more than 300,000 independent and small-chain restaurants. Particularly, visitors can use NetWaiter to get updates from their favorite places. Users can also search for something new or find restaurants in their area that deliver. By selecting their favorite restaurants, visitors get access to updates and promos from those locations.

With the Local Fave ribbon, visitors can easily see which locations are considered a favorite. The blue ribbon is shown for restaurants when searching myNetWaiter and on a restaurant’s individual NetWaiter site and app. Therefore, this makes it easy for visitors to see which restaurants in their area have the Local Fave status.

Local Favorite Designation

An algorithm that uses a variety of criteria determines a restaurant’s status. These factors include things like:

  • Clicks a restaurant’s “+Favorite” button receives
  • The number of times a restaurant’s page is shared on social media sites
  • The volume of traffic that visits a restaurant’s site

The Local Fave rankings are 100% objective.

Only the top 20% of restaurants in a certain area can be a Local Fave. Likewise, restaurants need to maintain their status by constantly serving local customers as best they can.

Most customers have a group of local restaurants they patronize more than others. These customers are a restaurant’s most loyal group and normally generate the majority of revenue for a restaurant. Therefore, a ‘Local Fave’ status from NetWaiter makes it easier for restaurants to attract more customers. Plus, it can be a great benefit to any restaurant’s marketing strategy.

Restaurants that focus on boosting sales from local customers tend to be the most successful. Keeping local customers informed is an important strategy to maximize sales. This includes telling customers about upcoming events and any deals that are available. Using NetWaiter to help with this is a win-win for restaurants and their customers.

Activate Your NetWaiter Site

If you want to attract more local customers and keep them informed about your restaurant, check out NetWaiter’s platform and network. You can search for, and activate, your NetWaiter site and app here:

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