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This is Part 2 in a series of articles about attracting the “need states” of online customers – the needs and key decision-making points of each customer segment. The last piece addressed Special Occasion Customers. Today we address Routine Customers.

Routine Customers. According to a recent survey in the restaurant industry, about 30% of patrons account for 60% of the traffic in a restaurant. These are the customers you want. What interests these Routine Customers?

Convenience. There are things you can do to enhance convenience beyond just the ability to order from a mobile phone – specified takeout parking and a separate pickup line for takeout orders inside your restaurant are both great. If possible, you can step it up another level and add curbside delivery in your parking lot.

Outreach to the local area. We know of a sandwich shop that partnered with a property manager, supplying complementary salads as part of a tenant appreciation day at a local office complex. Each complimentary salad included a card with an online ordering promo code. Every person within the office complex immediately knew about their restaurant, how good their salads are, and had a discount on their next online order.

More outreach. Respond to what’s going on in the community. Harsh weather? What kind of special offer can you email to your customers to help alleviate their pain? A well-known burger chain in California sent their mobile truck to the site of some local flooding a number of years ago and handed out free burgers. Talk about developing word of mouth!

Up Next: Part 3 – Attracting impulse customers to order online.

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