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This is Part 3 in a series of articles about attracting the “need states” of online restaurant customers – the needs and key decision-making points of each customer segment. Part 1 addressed Special Occasion Customers. Part 2 addressed Routine Customers. Today we address Impulse Customers.

Impulse Customers. These are folks that make spontaneous dining decisions. Here’s what you need to capture their attention:

  • Good Web Visibility. This is especially needed with mobile devices where the likelihood of an impulse purchase increases. Make sure your website is mobile friendly. Your NetWaiter site is already optimized for mobile devices, so you can redirect visitors directly to your custom NetWaiter page if needed.
  • Price Point. The price point for this type of customer is often lower. They may also trend towards ordering more snacks, rather than full meals. They want to see options that fit their lower price points when searching your online menu.

Impulse customers can also be found locally. Make sure you do things that attract these patrons.

  • Email Marketing. More and more people live their lives through their smartphones. Reaching them while they’re ‘on-the-go’ isn’t a bad thing. If they like what they see, they may be inclined to take action right then.
  • The LTO. Limited time offers tap into the marketing tactic of “get it now or miss out.” Offer them a special online-only deal, with a very limited window for them to take advantage. Just make sure the offer gets to them before lunch/dinner.
  • Make It Effortless. With NetWaiter, over 68% of customers choose to pre-pay online for their pickup or delivery order, if provided a choice. Pre-payment makes it a smooth, quick transaction.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the need states of customers change. Every customer, at one time or another, will be in one of these three need states we discussed. Appeal to each one of these need states, and you will reliably attract more customers.

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